Sony Takes Jumanji Fans to the Next Level

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Project Overview

For the launch of the highly anticipated movie sequel Jumanji: The Next Level, Sony partnered with Trigger— The Mixed Reality Agency® to create a highly interactive and accessible augmented reality experience. Jumanji fans explored new levels of gameplay in an immersive environment, without having to download an app. The star-studded experience resulted in exceptional dwell time, with fans spending on average more than 5 minutes in the world of Jumanji (over 2.5x the industry average time spent in a WebAR activation.) It integrated with Amazon Lex to be one of the world's first voice-activated Web AR commercial experiences.


Average dwell time


Industry avg. of time spent in WebAR


WebAR project to use Amazon Lex

By bringing the first voice-activated AR experience to the web, we married technical innovation with powerful storytelling in an immersive and highly engaging experience with help from our partners at Sony Pictures, AWS and 8th Wall. It's always gratifying to work with fellow pioneers like 8th Wall who share our enthusiasm for pushing the boundaries through emerging technology.

Jason Yim, CEO and Executive Creative Director for Trigger

The Experience

Fans are immersed into the world of Jumanji with one of the first voice-activated AR experiences on the web. Saying “show me Jumanji” activates the virtual map, where users can visit surreal locations from the movie and watch as jungle animals run wild in detailed 3D scenes. The WebAR experience unlocks exclusive content, such as never-before-seen videos featuring the cast including Dwayne Johnson, Karen Gillan, Nick Jonas, and Jack Black. Fans are seamlessly directed to the ticket purchasing flow upon saying "buy tickets."


Fans were able to experience another level of the Jumanji film by becoming immersed in exclusive content and 3D worlds which resulted in invaluable brand engagement. In the first month after release, the average time spent within the experience was just over 5 minutes of dwell time per user. The WebAR activation was shared by celebrities including Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson on social media and was selected as a finalist for the 2020 Auggie Awards in the ‘Best Campaign’ category.

Auggie Award

About the Agency

Trigger—The Mixed Reality Agency® is a full service agency based in Los Angeles that works with the world’s top brands to employ next-gen XR technology from concept and development to deployment and measurement.

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