Bloomingdale's celebrates 150 Years with AR Catalog

WebAR Case Study

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Project Overview

Bloomingdale's partnered with ROSE to showcase their 150th Anniversary Collection through AR-activated catalogs that enabled customers to explore must-have styles in their own space using WebAR. The unique and innovative shopping experience combined the physical and digital worlds, boosting customer confidence in their purchase and increasing conversion to purchase.


Increased Conversion Rate


Increased Engagement Rate


AR-Activated Catalogs

When partnering with luxury fashion brands on augmented reality, our focus is always on photorealism down to the thread. For this experience we created custom shaders and lighting to bring looks from brands like Balenciaga, Armani and Paul Smith to life for Bloomingdale’s customers. What we found is that photorealism paired with high quality assets leads to both engagement and conversion for retail and fashion brands.

Evan Rose, CEO and founder of ROSE

The Experience

Bloomingdales sent over 400,000 AR-enabled catalogs to create an immersive, shoppable, and shareable experience with the help of 8th Wall's image target and holograms.

Customers scanned a QR code inside the catalog to activate the WebAR experience. Next, they pointed their camera at an image target to automatically showcase exclusive looks in their own physical space. The holograms of models helped users see how the styles looked and moved in real-life.

Customers seamlessly tapped to purchase their favorite styles directly inside the experience. Additionally, Bloomingdale’s and ROSE created buzz by allowing customers to record and share the experiences to their social platforms


From the 400,000+ AR-activated catalogs, the memorable experience led to a +22% conversion rate to shop, with an average of 4 looks explored and a +38% engagement rate.

Webby Award NomineeShorty Award

About the Agency

ROSE is an award winning Black-owned AR agency. We concept, design, build, deploy and measure the impact of AR experiences tailored to your KPIs. We specialize in creating lifelike AR for Retail, Fashion, Food and Beverage, Spirits and CPG.

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