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Report: The Entertainment Brand's Guide to WebAR

See how leading media brands are using WebAR to drive their marketing strategy.

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of consumers use AR to have fun, the biggest driver for AR use.

Deloitte Digital and Snap Consumer AR Report
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of consumers who use AR at home use it as a source of media and entertainment.

Deloitte Digital and Snap Consumer AR Report

WebAR Lets Viewers Become a Part of the Story

When discovering a new TV series or music, fans want to interact with the characters and artists in a way that’s immersive and natural. Explore the powerful ways that media and entertainment brands use 8th Wall WebAR to bring digital content into the user’s real-world environment, creating a personalized, multi-sensory, and emotionally-engaging experience.

Bring Print and Packaging to Life to Sell Albums, Movie Tickets and More


  • Use Image Targets or Image Tracking to transform static packaging and in-store displays into interactive 3D experiences, or trigger videos, such as exclusive scenes.

  • Let viewers scan a QR code on print materials, such as an album cover, to interact with AR games and experiences in their own space using World Tracking.

  • Allow fans to purchase tickets directly from the experience with the tap of a button—or by saying "Buy Tickets," using the Amazon Lex Voice Activation integration.

Case Study: DC League of Superpets Amazon Boxes

Beam Holograms of Celebrities and Characters to Fans to Promote an Event or Premiere


  • Create holograms by capturing 3D Volumetric Videos (or even regular 2D videos)—or creating Avatars—and converting them into interactive WebAR experiences.

  • Anchor AR content to a precise location using Lightship VPS, then encourage fans to unlock the hologram experience at a specific destination, such as a store or restaurant.

  • Allow users to capture their experience on video—or snap a selfie with the stars—then share it across social media using the Video Recording feature.

Case Study: LA Kings Experience

Transport Viewers to a Venue or Immerse Them in a Scene


  • Allow users to step into a scene from a movie, TV series or music video using a World Tracking Portal.

  • Allow users to attend a live event such as a concert, game or parade by entering a 360 Livestream Portal.

  • Let users get into character by trying on different face filters within the portal scene using Face Effects, then record and share their experience using the Video Recording feature.

Case Study: Diablo Immortal Portal

Augment Advertising to Increase Engagement and Track Interactions


  • Launch AR Ads that let customers interact with their favorite stories and characters in AR, or snap a selfie with them using Face Effects.

  • Transform static print and OOH ads into interactive digital content that's rich in data and customer insights using Image Targets.

  • Add a QR code to a movie trailer to extend a 30-second film preview into endless immersive experiences using World Tracking. 


Case Study: Jumanji: The Next Level WebAR Experience

WebAR Is Impacting Key Metrics for Entertainment Brands

Across the marketing funnel, web-based AR is demonstrating success.

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5min+ Dwell Time

A connected packaging campaign promoting Trolls World Tour using WebAR mini-games resulted in 60% of user sessions lasting more than 5 minutes.

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58M Social Impressions

A WebAR hologram performance at the MTV VMAs featuring Lil Yachty and Burger King's mascot resulted in 58 million social impressions.

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76K+ User Sessions

A surreal WebAR campaign promoting Pink Floyd's "The Later Years" album from Sony Music Entertainment resulted in more than 76,000 user sessions.

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