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Our favorite spooktacular Halloween experiences built on 8th Wall

How brands, agencies, and developers use WebAR to bring Halloween to life

Sep 25, 2023 . 1 min read . Holiday
Our favorite spooktacular Halloween experiences built on 8th Wall

Over the last few years, brands have relied on 8th Wall to create unique, WebAR experiences that delight and engage audiences - especially around holiday moments. As we prepare for another Halloween filled with tricks, treats, and augmented haunts, we’re taking a look back at the WebAR campaigns that have spooked and delighted us in years past. 

Coca-Cola's Halloween Collection at USC

Coca-Cola took the University of Southern California (USC) campus by storm with its Halloween Collection, transforming real-world vending machines into virtual treat dispensers. Students could fill their virtual bags with a myriad of goodies, including AR masks, NFTs, apparel, and concert tickets. This campaign made use of Lightship VPS for Web, a Visual Positioning System developed by Niantic as well as Lightship Maps for Web. It's one of the first commercial projects that integrated augmented reality into physical locations with pinpoint accuracy.

Spookify Your Office with PLAYAR Studio’s

PLAYAR Studio's created an eerie office setting that uses Lightship VPS to unlock a haunted experience for visitors. The 3D-scanned office turned into a horror scene, complete with creepy clowns and hidden monsters.

Rock Paper Reality's Pumpkin Run

Rock Paper Reality introduced “Pumpkin Run,” a multiplayer game that encouraged San Diego locals to hunt for virtual pumpkin cats hidden in their physical environment. The game uses real-world objects to hide these digital cats, making the scavenger hunt more engaging.

Perfetti Van Melle’s Creepy Candy Village by Go Spooky

Perfetti Van Melle immersed candy lovers into a Halloween Village through their “Meet the Creeps” game. Players had to steal candy from characters like Franklyn, Candyce, and Sam to save Halloween.

CaptivatAR’s WebAR Greetings

CaptivatAR offered a new way to send Halloween greetings. Users could place animated AR scenes in their physical world and share them with loved ones, complete with Halloween-themed music and imagery.

Nextdoor’s Treat Map by Seven2

Nextdoor’s annual Treat Map returned, allowing neighbors to indicate their Halloween plans on an interactive AR map. Whether it's haunted decor or pumpkin projects, the WebAR experience made it easier to enjoy the festivities safely.


This year, 8th Wall developers can use new features like Shared AR, Sky Effects + World Tracking, Metaversal Deployment, Face Effects, Hand Tracking, GenAI Modules, and so much more. We can’t wait to see how brands, agencies, and developers build even more immersive and engaging Halloween campaigns this season. 


Written by 8th Wall

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