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Report: The Fashion Brand's Guide to WebAR

See how leading fashion brands use WebAR to drive their marketing strategy.

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of people say they are interested in using AR for help when shopping.

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of shoppers feel more confident when using AR during the decision-making process.

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WebAR Merges Online and In-Store Shopping Experiences

The ‘phygital’ customer of today expects a seamless transition between brick-and-mortar and ecommerce shopping. That’s where WebAR excels—Online, it offers virtual try-ons and 3D demos so that customers can purchase with confidence. In store, WebAR layers digital information on top of the real world, so shoppers can better assess products while they browse. Explore how fashion brands use 8th Wall to enhance their marketing mix.

Let Shoppers Try Out Items to Purchase with Confidence


  • Allow customers to virtually try on accessories such as makeup, glasses, hats, earrings and more using Face Effects.

  • Enable shoppers to instantly try on rings, bracelets and watches using Hand Tracking.

  • Ensure the precise physical scale of any product that customers view in AR with the Absolute Scale feature.

Case Study: Pandora's Virtual Try-On

Drive Foot Traffic to Storefronts


  • Provide exclusive offers and experiences that can only be accessed in-store using Lightship VPS, which precisely anchors AR content to any location.

  • Let customers unlock hidden AR content in-store that interacts with the real world using World Tracking, or use Image Targets on signage to trigger an experience.

  • Navigate shoppers to your location-based AR experiences using the fully-customizable Lightship Maps feature.

Case Study: Harrod's AR-Activated Window Display

Gamify the In-Store Experience to Increase Dwell Time and Boost Sales


  • Engage shoppers as they browse a store by strategically using Image Targets to shapeshift displays, packaging and signage into interactive AR experiences.

  • Let customers play immersive 3D games that interact with the store's environment using World Tracking.

  • Create social, multiplayer experiences that allow shoppers to invite others to join an AR moment using Shared AR.

Case Study: Nike's In-Store Activation

Augment Advertising to Increase Engagement and Track Interactions


  • Engage users with AR Ads to make products more tangible.

  • Transform print ads and catalogs into interactive digital content that's rich in data and customer insights using Image Targets.

  • Add a QR code to a TV spot to extend a 30-second commercial into endless immersive experiences using World Tracking. 


Case Study: KHAITE's Immersive Lookbook

WebAR Is Impacting Key Metrics for Fashion Brands

Across the marketing funnel, web-based AR is demonstrating success.

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+48% Sales Lift

A WebAR mirror for Chilli Beans, the largest eyewear retailer in Latin America, resulted in a 48% increase in sales for items that featured the virtual try-on option.

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4min+ Dwell Time

An WebAR-enabled lookbook for NY fashion brand KHAITE resulted in an average dwell time of more than 4 minutes.

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22% Conversion Rate

A WebAR-activated catalog for Bloomingdale's 150th Anniversary Collection delivered to over 400,000 households resulted in a 22% conversion rate to shop.

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