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Craft spellbinding Halloween WebAR experiences with 8th Wall’s latest features

Discover how to use new tools like Sky Effects + World Tracking, Shared AR, Human AR, GenAI Modules, and more to build your eeriest campaigns yet.

Oct 3, 2023 . 3 min read . Holiday
Craft spellbinding Halloween WebAR experiences with 8th Wall’s latest features

Halloween isn’t just a night for kids to collect candy — it’s a season where imagination runs wild and where the boundaries of reality blur. It’s just the right season for developers, brands, and agencies to create WebAR experiences that engage audiences in immersive, interactive ways that traditional marketing can’t match. 

This year, take your Halloween campaigns to new heights with 8th Wall's suite of groundbreaking tools, including all-new features like Sky Effects and World Tracking, enhanced Face Effects, Shared AR, Hand Tracking, and our latest GenAI Modules. 

From skies adorned with witches flying to faces morphed into ghouls and hands that cast eerie spells, let's explore a few ideas on how developers, brands, and agencies can use these powerful new features to craft bewitching experiences that linger in the minds of audiences long past the holiday.

Combine Sky Effects and World Tracking with GenAI Modules to bring spooky campfire tales to life
Are you afraid of the dark? With WebAR, developers can create experiences that bring this question to life and harken back to the spooky ghost stories and terrifying tales around the campfire. 

Using our new GenAI Modules powered by OpenAI and Inworld AI, developers can let audiences craft their own haunting tales on the spot. As the story comes to life, Sky Effects and World Tracking can bring the spooky elements to another life by having the sky dynamically change to match the campfire story or by placing spooky elements in the scene. 

The experience above shows how these ideas come together to create a unique WebAR experience. To make the experience even more immersive, it incorporates Resemble AI to read the story aloud in a haunting voice. Make sure your sound is on to get the full effect! 

Let audiences transform into ghouls, ghosts, and goblins with enhanced Face Effects
Get ready to give your users a scare with high-fidelity face WebAR experiences. Our enhanced Face Effects offer iris tracking, face morphing, multi-face tracking, real-time access to face events, and more — making it the perfect tool for Halloween.


With Face Effects, let users transform their faces into ghastly ghouls, wicked witches, or whatever haunts their imagination. Or for a sweeter treat, help users try on the perfect Halloween-themed makeup. Developers can even use the Makeup Try-On Module built by Electric Factory as an easy starting point for building a virtual try-on experience. 

Finally, with multi-face tracking, no one is safe from transformation meaning developers have the tools to create engaging experiences that enable groups of friends to share the same spooky WebAR face effect. 

Trick-or-Treat with Hand Tracking
Bring the joy of Trick-or-Treating to WebAR by creating unique experiences with our new Hand Tracking tools. Hand Tracking, the latest Human AR feature from 8th Wall, allows you to make hands, wrists, and fingers the center of your WebAR experience. Create your own unique game that allows users to catch candy in a Halloween Jack-O-Lantern and let them experience that delightful search for candy. 


Or take Halloween one step further by combining Hand Tracking with GenAI to create experiences that allow users to cast a spell and morph 3D objects into something entirely new. When someone says the magic words and pairs them with a correct hand motion, GenAI can capture the vocal cues of the command and transform the 3D object into something new. This magic experience will leave users asking whether it is magic, tech, or even both.

Shared Scares with multiplayer tools in the Shared AR module 
The new Shared AR module makes building interactive, multiplayer Halloween games even easier. This all-in-one solution takes care of the infrastructure challenges so developers, brands, and agencies can focus on creating memorable experiences for up to 32 users per session.

Harness these tools of synchronous and asynchronous multiplayer experiences to create experiences that let audiences enjoy the spookiness of the season together. Using Lightship Map for Web, the Shared AR module could be the perfect tool to help trick-or-treaters find the best houses to visit on Halloween night. Each home could have a giant thermometer floating on the roof, letting trick-or-treaters instantly know where the best candy spots are and how to plan their perfect route. With Shared AR, this level of social connection will create a memorable experience that will have them talking for days.

Take Halloween decor to the next level with Lightship VPS for Web 
Halloween decorations get more elaborate each year, but why limit yourself to physical decorations this year? Using Lightship VPS for Web, you can take Halloween decor to the next level by adding precise decorations in AR. 

Imagine your neighbors pointing their devices at your house, and suddenly, they see it overlaid with digital decor as ghosts float out the windows, eerie Halloween music fills the air, and a virtual trail of candy corn leads them to your front door. You could even design an entire experience around your decor and have different spooky WebAR treats or interactive games.

With Lightship VPS, you can easily merge the physical and digital world and create a uniquely modern Halloween experience that is accessible to all (and easier to clean up when the season is over).

Craft the ultimate Halloween WebAR experience with 8th Wall
This Halloween, the sky is not the limit—it's just the beginning. With 8th Wall's latest tools, developers, brands, and agencies have all the tools they need to create experiences that scare, delight, and engage. So go ahead, unleash your creativity, and give your audience a Halloween experience they will never forget.

Head to our sample projects page to see how you can get started with any of our latest features. New to 8th Wall? Sign up for a free 14-day trial to start building your own WebAR Halloween experience. 


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